Credential Evaluation

An international education evaluation service with an online database of the global education system to analyze and report credential equivalences.
Our service framework is designed to provide expert assistance in the evaluation of academic credentials in respect to overseas education system. We perform an evaluation, translation, and interpretation of foreign credentials and related documents for individuals who wish to continue their education and employment worldwide. Detailed credential information retrieved through individual research and central repository for interpretation and estimation. We provide reports on evaluation of credential equivalence based on academic program structure and output details. We follow a professional research methodology to interpret academic records into its equivalence in other education system. It enables a person to gain access to education, employment, immigration offices or professional certification in other countries.

Enhance ‘Global Visibility’ and ‘Institutional Brand Value’

Every time your certificate holder share their Genuine Certificate, your brand, reputation and integrity spreads worldwide. Attracts new enrollments globally
Key Features

Easy, Quick & Accurate

Our Findings based on facts and figures. We make the process as quick and easy.

Expert Research

We provide effective service with data analysis and expert witnesses.

Personalized Service

We provide personalized and custom-crafted services on-demand basis.

Comprehensive Ranking

We evaluate and rank the position using various parameters and factors.