Certificate Verification

A global verification system to determine the accuracy of certificate through 360 degree cross-check process
Falsified credentials are a growing concern for publishing or verifying organizations, as job applicants fill their profile with fake credentials. A reasonable number of certificates in the job market are either forged or from fake institutions. Genuine Certificate certificate verification service is a platform independent service which enables more efficient way of connecting certificate database with verifier request. Complete certificate upload, approvals, data check, and transactions faster by building end-to-end online processes with GenuineCertificate. It is a highly secured authentication system with industry standard security practice which ensures the verification process foolproof.

Instant Certificate Verification

  • Instant track of credentials, verifications to achieve greater certificate ‘Accessibility’, ‘Sharability’ and ‘Verifiability’ on the go
  • Save significant time, cost and resources employed in manual verification processes.
  • Mitigate data errors, duplication of data, manual and logistical delays
Key Features

Instant Verification

Certificates can be verified instantly at the organization’s web interface to improve accuracy and reduce fraud. It provides a paper-free and hassle-free user experience.

Payment Gateway

Integrated payment gateway allows accepting multiple currency payment online through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and payment wallet applications.