Certificate Repository

An integrated platform to store and retrieve certificate components through secured technology
Keep track of certificates, proof of evidence of certification, certificate holders and reviewer is the need of today's education world. GenuineCertificate provides online certificate repository service for organizations to deliver global certificates to their candidates. We make it easy, by providing a secure, reliable certificate repository with associated components to access it anywhere anytime. It is a cloud service which will be delivered by PaaS model to handle software technology, stakeholder connectivity, infrastructure, support mechanism and data storage. Once a certificate has been uploaded into the Repository access is granted to all stakeholders that have been configured to view the certificate with or without payment.

Don’t waste your time, money & resources on manual certification process

Completely eliminate manual interventions and errors in creating, designing, processing, populating data, printing, mailing, verifying and managing your credentials Switch to Genuine Certificate – A Complete Digital Certificate Life Cycle Management
Key Features


Managed under cloud that users get certificates faster and more reliably. Availability is guaranteed by our SLA.

Easy to use

Store and manage certificates online through the control panel with suitable authentication.

Data Privatization

Data security is our top priority and we ensure the delivery of content through an encrypted channel.

Complete Control

Switch enabled the operation to decide how much control over the sharing of certificates with others.