Background Screening

Trusted background screening process with accurate data in a highly secure, real-time environment
Verifying personal credentials and background information is crucial and essential for placing them with an employer. We provide comprehensive background screening services digitally with accuracy and minimum turnaround time. Background screening helps organization in building a true skilled work environment with maximum effectiveness. Our service verify credentials of individuals from various organizations with authentic proof of evidence to check genuineness of the stated information. We provide quick and comprehensive background screening using SAAS technology and data to offer complete range of background checks across the global. We maintain secured database of institutions, qualifying bodies, exam boards, and credential database to provide unbiased, accurate and real-time results which adhere with industry best practices and processes.
Global Trend

53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.
39% of all background checks had at least one serious flag.
10% of education verifications had serious flags.
23% of employment verifications had serious flags.

Key Features

Legal Compliance

Industry best practices to be followed.

Fast Turnaround Time

Delivers report in quickest turnaround time.

Personalized Service

Tailor-made solution and process as per your need.